Who is Not Vincenzo?

I a man of many names. Vincenzo, Vincent, Vince, Vin… well, I guess just a variation of the same name. Call me what you like, just not Vinnie. I’m not your cousin.

I created this blog so I can express myself, both through my fashion and through my commentary. I’m constantly trying to push myself and ignite conversations through the art that I’m creating. I don’t want to make posts that just show off what I’m wearing, I want to go deeper. I’m going to use the fashion photography I create to discuss important topics that will range from systemic racism in higher education to mental health issues and everything in between. Fashion will supplement.

Fashion is not trite, it is impactful. The leisure suit defined a generation. A hooded sweatshirt can trigger fear or the need for justice. The lens I view social justice is through fashion – beauty from the darkness. The ability to define individuality. And it’s not the cost of the clothes that matters, but the value it brings to the individual wearing it.

I’m about to embark on a two-year journey to earning my MBA in Global Fashion Media in Paris. Not Vincenzo is about to go under a large rebrand, so look out for an updated site in the near future!

Born MCMXCIII • Founded MMXV