As you know, I’ve becoming closer to my roots by meeting my family that remained in Italy. Over the past year, I’ve been to Pescara (where my mom’s side is from) twice and will be going back in August.

My last trip was was probably the most important as I got to delve deeper into my nonna’s history. On my first trip, I really only got acquainted with the city she used to call home; on this trip, I got to truly walk in her footsteps.

I saw her old home, I met more of her family (including Zia Virginia who literally is her twin with grey hair), and I got chills as I enter the basilica she married my grandfather in — I got chills down my spine.

This trip, I got to swim in the same waters she once did and I got to FaceTime her and show her her city. The first time you visit a place, it’s foreign. This time, it felt like home. And I look forward to going back in August, if even only for a night, and truly being able to navigate my way through the same streets my family once did for centuries.

Maybe you’ll be able to join me.


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