This Is Not A Post About Disney. Sorry.

Bonjour! Salut!! C’est moi, je suis ici!! Je ne suis pas mort!!

Let’s face it. It’s been a minute. I’m sorry!! I’ve been busy. I’ve had this little thing called a life… and Netflix. Lot’s of Netflix. But I’m back, bitches.

Quick updates to the grand total of 5 people that actual keep up with this blog:

  • I’ve been living life in Paris just doing my thing and working towards my Masters
  • I fuck with maybe two or three people in this city and that’s okay
  • I still don’t speak French, mais c’est pas problemme
  • I have to resuscitate this blog for a class, so heyyyyyyyyy Professor!!
  • I finally got to see my family since my grandfather’s death last week
  • My chakra’s have realigned since my trip to Pescara and Milan with my family

So what does this post cover? Not much other than to say I’m bacckkkkkk, but like not like my half-assed I’m back from March, but like you’re actually going to see some content from me! And I’m going to try my hand at some video stuff. You’ll still get life updates and maybe some poetry and stories. Either way, content is coming and I hope you’ll like it. In the meantime, enjoy some pictures from Disneyland Paris that I finally made my way to a few weeks back.

A plus!!


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