Like any good millennial blogger, the need for a post about the year that’s come and gone and the one on the horizon seems like the most logical thing to write about right now.

In a 2016 where Kylie Jenner predicted that this would be one for realizing stuff, I definitely did. Who knew a Kardashian/Jenner would be so omniscient for my year to come?

Regardless, this past year truly was like any other. Of my entire conscious life, 2016 has had the most curve balls, the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. This year taught me so much and took me to so many different places. And I know that sounds so goddamn cliché, but it really did. This has been one of my most well-traveled years to date! From Maui to Milan, Paris to Puerto Rico, New York more times than I can count and finally a Christmas weekend in Montréal, all of the places that I visited helped open my eyes to this crazy beautiful world we call home.

I ended the year with surrounded some of my best friends and family in my first apartment in a city I didn’t expect to call home again. I couldn’t have rung in the New Year any better way.

So before I start ranting and get sappy, I just wanted to write this post and say a huge thank you to everyone who was in my life this year. Whether you were here for a moment, been here for a lifetime; whether we laughed together or cried together or yelled at each other – thank you. Every single person who I’ve encountered taught me something. Some of you taught me to relax more often, to love more freely, to listen more closely, to think more openly, or to learn in new ways. This year even taught me to be more private (& trust me I recognize the irony). You all taught me to keep going, which honestly wasn’t the easiest for me this year. But I do know that all the fights, the love, the milestones, the trips, and the people have all given me the proper lessons to tackle 2017 with fresh eyes, fresh ears, and a fresh attitude.

As people, we’re always evolving. I’m not who I was at the start of 2016, let alone two months ago. And I’m damn well pleased with the person that I’ve become over the course of the year. As for 2017, I’m ready to make even bigger moves.

Let’s see where I’m at in 2018.



Highlights of 2016:


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