Instead I;

I didn’t wake up Christmas morning and run down the stairs in anticipation for what Santa brought this year;

I didn’t help my grandfather make the Feast of the Seven Fishes on Christmas Eve, either.

I didn’t spend this Christmas unwrapping presents;

I didn’t spend this Christmas catching up with cousins and creating new memories that build on tradition. 

Instead I; 

Left the country. 

I wandered the streets of a city I’d never visited that speaks a language I don’t understand;

I wandered through many ‘Marche de Noël’ while the lightest snow fell around me;

I stared up at a Charlie Brown Tree; and 

I ate maple syrup pulled on ice, vin chaud, St. Viteaur bagels, poutine and smoked meat from Schwartz’s Deli;

I spent hours in a 200-year-old coffee shop sipping London Fogs, people watching and writing postcards.

I didn’t go home for Christmas this year; 

Instead I – 

Found myself able to breathe in frigid, frostbitten Montréal. 


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