I’m going to keep this post short and sweet- if I don’t, I might start crying and my laptop will die thanks to my tears. Why would I start crying, you ask? Because this was one of my last shoots in Boston before I graduate and leave Boston University and I’m getting pretty damn nostalgic.

With the amazing Thalia, I was able to explore this city in depth one last time and it was beyond amazing. Thalia and I both are lovers of New York City, so we set out and tried to find the elements of NYC wherever we could in Boston. The Seaport channels FiDi and Brooklyn Bridge Park and the skyscrapers, marble and rooftops are channeling Midtown.

Thalia and I are both wearing the Kylie Lip Kit Dolce K and capes from Topman. She and I compliment each other and both embody a chic New Yorker.

The fabulous Nicki also took the shoot to the next level with her amazing edits and skill on Photoshop. She knows what she’s doing and her touches added the perfect elements to the shoot.

Enjoy us in our element!


Photography by Nicki Gitter

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