I’ve been so confused by the way the society tries to put us into a box. If you’re born with a dick, you have to be a certain way. If you’re born with a vagina, you have to be a certain way. While the acceptance towards LGBTQ+ identifying people gets better over time (in some places), our society is still hung up on the way that we chose to express ourselves in the way we dress. If you see a guy in a skirt, some immediately assume that that person is either crazy, trans, crazy and trans, or just has bad taste.

In reality, we as humans can express ourselves however we damn well please. I am a queer male and I like to wear “women’s” clothes sometimes. I use air quotes because who the fuck made the decision that clothes have to belong to a specific gender? Fuck that dude to be honest. Why is it okay for women to wear pants, but a secure male can’t wear a skirt or dress? Frankly, I’m gonna wear whatever I want and it doesn’t determine anything besides how fly I look in that outfit.

Furthermore, there’s a sector within LGBTQ+ community that for whatever reason loves trying to be as heteronormative as possible. Why? beats me. This shoot serves as me sticking my middle finger up to everyone who fears queer people and anything that isn’t heteronormative and “normal.”

For this shoot, I collaborated with Calvin as his nonconformity spoke to me. I also reached out to my friend Kelso, a queer, gender nonconforming Afro Latino New Yorker, for they’re commentary on the heteronormative loving “masc” sector of the gay community:

“What’s the funniest thing about this Masc4Masc no Fem movement is that I am not the victim. Being gender nonconforming means that I am seeing past the constricting harmful boxes society places us in.

My experience with being black has also taught me that you shouldn’t work for people to desire you, because they are the ones who are ignorant. When it comes to gender many of these guys want to aspire lifestyles that are easily digestible or heteronormative.

They are men who “behave like men” and aren’t acting gay, but what they don’t see is that they achieve this by perpetuating misogyny and self hate. They fear femininity because they are so broken and shackled to this narrow mindedness. When men are honestly comfortable in their own skin, they don’t allow themselves to be puppets to the patriarchy.”


I’m wearing an All Saints deep v-neck, Adidas Originals tights and sweatshirt, Timberland boots, Vince. button up, Dior tie and white circle skirt.

Calvin is wearing the same circle skirt, American Apparel velvet sweatshirt, Adidas Stan Smiths, and custom NikeID AirMax designed by me.

Photography by Nicki Gitter

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