We Did It For The ‘Gram

For those of you that haven’t picked up on it yet, my best friend Isabelle and I really like being basic and doing photo shoots. If you really had no clue, you might want to check out my post from when She and I were in New York City and worked on one of my first posts for this blog.

This time around, we went to a part of Boston that actually makes us feel like we’re in a real city and not sucked into whats known as the “BU Bubble.” One of my favorite parts of the city, the Seaport, was the perfect backdrop for this night shoot using the docks and having an excuse to go to drinks on a Tuesday night at Committee Boston. I got the Deez Butternutz drink. It was fuego.

For the look, we wanted to do something classy and compliment each other. We figured the only way to do so would be to wear the same thing. She and I are both wearing the same Adia dress from American Apparel. You might recognize it from my post shot in Brooklyn this summer.

This is a shorter post for me, but it allows me to show you a deeper insight into my life. It also perfectly summarizes my friendship with Isabelle. She and I long for being basic and coping with a stressful semester by dressing up, taking pictures for the perfect Instagram, and getting drinks in the middle of the week. The only thing missing was a bottle of rosé.


Photography by Madeline Carpentiere

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