All Saints & Capes

It’s starting to get colder and the leaves are finally changing and I’m pretty freaking happy about it. As an October baby, the changing of the leaves is literally one of the things I look forward to most before the frigid New England winter decided to set in.

Walking along the Esplanade behind my brownstone, I feel like I’m transported back home where I’m surrounded by endless foliage. The hues of orange and red and yellow just invoke this nostalgia from childhood. Growing up, my house was surrounded with countless 100-year-old Elm trees that would droop down into my bedroom windows. Whenever I needed a moment of solitude, I could always just look out my window, stare at the trees, see the birds building a nest and just breathe. All those Elm trees are gone now thanks to a little thing called Dutch Elm Disease and now I’m reliant on other place’s foliage to find solitude between September and November.

Okay, so now we’re over staring at all the pretty colors, let’s talk about the look and the inspiration. With this rather warm Autumn this year, transitioning into colder weather has been tricky. The day of this shoot, it started out in the mid-50s and by the time we wrapped the temperature was in the low-70s. Needless to say, the cape became unnecessary. The look still worked both ways though, I’m wearing a grey All Saints sweater, American Apparel slim slacks that I upgraded to trendy, ripped denim, Steve Madden cheetah slip ons, and my favorite Topman cape. The look, for me, is the perfect sophisticated fall outfit that can easily be modified as the daily weather changes. Casual, chic and comfortable.

Shooting this look was great, too. I usually don’t venture too far East or West down the Esplanade that isn’t directly behind my brownstone, so making the venture out and exploring new parts of the city was great. Especially since I usually only see from the backseat of an Uber going down Storrow Drive. So enjoy the photos as they remind you of a very catchy, yet slightly problematic Disney song, Colors of the Wind.

Vince_1 Vince_2 Vince_4 Vince_5 Vince_8Vince_6 VInce_7Vince_11Vince_10 Vince_12 Vince_13 Vince_14 Vince_15

Photography by Madeline Carpentiere

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