Mansions, Dresses, and a Garden in Ruins

So about a month ago, I invested in my first real dress. I owned two short dresses that I could wear as shirts, but this new maxi dress could not be disguised as an oversized shirt. I’ve been wanting to dip into androgyny and really breaking the gender binary for a while (peep my post from back in August), and I’m really excited to finally find the right look to break it in.

Originally, I was planning to shoot in Salem and go for some October ~* witchy *~ vibes, but my friend Kelsey and I stumbled upon The Crane Estate at Castle Hill in Ipswich and fell in love. Castle Hill is this sprawling estate in Northern Massachusetts that touches the Atlantic Ocean. The compound has what seems to be an infinite amount of lawn, scattered with Romanesque statues, hidden gardens and private beaches.

The gardens on the property were in ruin. As soon as I walked into the gardens, I felt like I was transported back to Pompei – it was unreal. Because of how unreal I felt being on this estate, I decided to take this shoot on a much more avant-garde way than I have in the past. I’m also in a damn dress, so y’all gotta see the dress in more than just hanging off my body.

Speaking of the dress though, you’re probably wondering who I’m wearing. The dress itself is from American Apparel, sweater by Topman, Dr. Marten’s boots and to top it off, hat by Forever 21. So here’s some pics of me frolicking in the field, smizing, posing, and taking in the beauty that is The Crane Estate. It was so much fun running around in a dress (it’s so nice and airy!), I definitely suggest all men to do it. I completely understand why Scottish men wear kilts.

So, sorry Dad, I’m wearing a dress and I don’t really care. It’s so comfortable and freeing. Plus, I looked damn fine if I do say so myself. Everyone should wear dresses!

xx, V

Photography by Kelsey Quartuccio

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