Track Pants, Plaid and the Beach

Disclaimer: I wrote this post before my birthday weekend. It was a time where I was feeling a little more stressed than usual and really needed an escape from reality. Enjoy!

So I’ve been a little antsy recently. I haven’t been out of Boston for almost two months and I’ve been really starting to miss all of trees from back home and the summer’s beaches and being surrounded by nothing but land. For those of you who didn’t know, back in Connecticut I literally live on a farm. If you really didn’t know, peep this post that literally only talks about my upbringing. Read the post, then come back.

Did you read the post? Okay, welcome back. Being able to break my routine of the two months of just going to class, going to work, going to class, running meetings for my magazine, going to work, etc. was literally exactly what I needed. Just being able to feel the sand in between my toes, smell the ocean, see the driftwood and bask in the quiet was ethereal. In all honesty, this is a fashion blog, but this post is geared more the peace and the aesthetic. Yes, my fashion game is on point as per usual, but let’s take in the aesthetic.

Beaches are always aesthetic goals, but when you’ve been stressed out like I have been, feeding the aesthetic and taking in the sand and water can rejuvenate the soul. And for me, it did.

Honestly, I looked at the beach as a mental health day. As someone who deals with anxiety on a regular basis, being able to leave the bustle of Boston and just be able to sit on the beach, walk across the dunes, breathe – I was able to start a new. All the stress left my body and I felt refreshed.

It’s crazy to think about how something as simple as going to an empty beach on a random weekday can really reset your system. If you’re ever feeling stressed, just get in the car (or plane, or train, or vespa) and take a couple hours to go to a serene, empty, silent location and just take a minute to breathe. It does the soul good.

xx, V

 *Cues Pocahontas’ “Colors of the Wind” in the background*

Photography by Kelsey Quartuccio

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