NYC is Good for the Soul

I was walking down Lexington, I just left Grand Central Terminal and I realized something. For the first time ever in my life, I stepped into the main concourse of GCT and didn’t take a minute to take in the beauty of the station and all the magic that comes along with being in New York City. In that moment of realization, I knew it was not because Grand Central has lost its charm, but because New York has become normal to me. That may sound bad or sad, but it’s not – it’s amazing. It means that New York is officially like home to me.

New York has become such an integral part of my life, it feels like the last two months away were only a few days. What better way to spend Birthday Weekend Part II?

The best thing about this weekend is that two of my best friends, Isabelle and Cassie were there with me. In fact, I’m on the train to Connecticut with Cassie right now.

Over the course of the weekend, we went to Le Bain, walked the High Line (and the majority of Manhattan), jumped on the beds of our hotel room, sipped Rosé, and went out and made new friends at Therapy (it’s a gay bar, not a therapist).

On top of everything, I got to come home to Connecticut. The start and end of my time out of Boston are spent at home and I couldn’t be happier. I woke up in my bed Friday, excited to be heading to New York City and to just be able to be in intertwined in the solemnity that is home. While I waited for Cassie to pick me up to head the train, I roamed around my property, looked at old pictures in my house, and took a minute to lay in my hammock and just breathe. For anyone whose never been to Connecticut, our crisp Autumn air can be exactly what you need to refresh your soul.

Now I’m headed back to Wallingford to spend the afternoon with my family – eating, sipping wine and homemade limoncello, reminiscing, celebrating.

Oh, and what was I wearing? Simple. A new Forever 21 drop shoulder sweater, Ralph Lauren vest, my favorite rag+bone jeans and my go-to white vans.

This weekend was exactly what I’ve needed to refresh my soul. New York City alone couldn’t do it. Thank you to the beautiful friends and family who keep me going and keep life interesting.

Until next time

xx, V


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