Tell Your Boyfriend, If He Says He’s Got Beef…

So you know how I said in my last post it would be a while until you saw a new one? I guess I lied. Basically because one of my friends from high school FINALLY gave me the all star treatment to a photo shoot (which she’s done for literally everyone but me during high school). Let me tell you something, this girl is the ultimate #Queeeeeeeeen for taking pictures. If you want 100+ likes on your profile picture, Kelsey takes your pic. If you want to check out her stuff, you can peep her on the ‘gram @quartucc or on vsco or at You high key will not regret it.

Okay, so enough with singing all the praises to Kelsey (even though she’s bae) let’s talk about the clothes and the inspiration and the setting and the love and day and all that good stuff. Yaaaaay, stuff. So let’s start with the look. Fall is around the corner, and it’s honestly my favorite time of the year.

October is my birthday month and the foliage is everything. Plus apple picking and Halloween and cider donuts and mulled cider and sweaters and ugh, so perf tbh. ANYWAYS, the look! That’s what we’re talking about. It’s not quite fall yet, but it’s starting to get there I needed an outfit that would could work in this transitioning stage.

So I decided on a simple hat-t-shirt-pants-loafers combo topped off with my essential jewelry (giant Jesus and Italian horn to ward off the malocchio).  The pastel pants are my attempt to hold onto summer with dear life, while still keeping warm in the cooling temperatures and same with the shirt. The neoprene (v trendy fabric fyi) is insulting and warming enough that I can still wear it in 50/60/70 degree weather without having to worry about being too chilly.

So what’s a more quintessential location in Boston besides the Boston Public Garden and Beacon Hill’s Acorn Street? Nothing. Nothing at all. So obvi I had to take in these gorgeous places before another snowpocalyse occurs in this city. The Public Garden reminds me of the time I spent in China. The willow trees that surround the pond are reminiscent of Houhai park in Beijing – one of my favorite places in that city.

Acorn Street in Beacon Hill, right around the corner from the garden, is also equally as iconic. One of the only places in Boston that still looks as it did during the Revolution, you’re transported back to Colonial Boston, filled with uneven cobblestones, red brick, lamp posts and steep hills. You can imagine the amount of people we had to wait for to leave to get a shot without anyone in the background. Hint: a while. And after we wrapped there, a French tour group invaded the narrow street.

Overall, this was a really fun shoot to do with one of my friends that I’ve known for so long. I know my time in Boston is limited and I’m glad that I’m able to enjoy it to it’s fullest with some of the people I care the most about. And my look was straight fire, you can’t even deny it.

Just look at how happy I am in this picture! And this from someone who never smiles in pictures because I hate my smile. I prefer to smize, because Tyra Banks told me to. So until my next post, stay fierce and stay smiling.

xx, V

P.S. Music in honor of Kelsey’s and my former obsession with 3OH!3 and literally has nothing to do with the actual content of this post. Let your prepubescent self rejoice in the throwback, and don’t forget to never trust a hoe, because you know they won’t trust you.




Insert stereotypical pose-in-white-birch pic for added basicness to the shoot.


Bonus: An on-location Snapchat of me, Kelsey and Kiersten (our friend from Choate, too, who also attends BU with me).

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