Back to School, Back to School, To Prove to Daddy That I’m Not A Fool

First off, I seriously hope you all understand my 90’s pop culture reference in the title. If you don’t, here’s a YouTube video to catch you up with the reference… but understand that I’m judging you secretly because you don’t understand the cinematic gold I’m referencing. You were also a deprived child. Sorry not sorry.

Okay, so where to begin! As the title suggests, it’s back to school time in Boston and now I’m a senior. And no, I don’t really want to talk about it, I don’t know what I’m doing post-grad yet (although I have ideas) and I’m really just trying to take in every moment one day at a time. With that said, it’s Labor Day weekend and while everyone is out and about shopping, getting drinks, going to the Cape and Newport and soaking in the last days of summer, I’m of course plotting out my next outfits.

This look was inspired by things in my closet I know I have a time limit to actually wear. My ombré shorts were made by me at the very beginning of university and are one of my most complimented pieces in my wardrobe. I love them. And no one can ever tell they were originally from Hollister, so points for me for that!

The rest of the look kind of epitomizes the way I go about my fashion – casual chic. I love to dress up, but I love to dress down as well. I think between the blazer, the tank, the shorts and the wingtips, I pull it off. The Klimt socks definitely help, too.

So now the inspiration of the shoot itself. I knew that it was about to be the golden hour (best natural lighting) and I wanted a space that would best showcase where I live. What better place than the Esplanade? I mean, it is my backyard pretty much and we all know how much I love taking pictures in my backyard.

I really just wanted to capture myself before all the craziness of senior year started to go underway. I know I’m not going to have as much time to blog and worry about what my next Instagram post is going to be. I need to focus on knocking my last two semesters out of the park. That doesn’t mean I won’t be posting at all, just less as much.

I also wanted to say thank you to everyone who has actually been keeping up with my posts. It means the world to me to know that people really like what I’m putting out there, especially when I know there are so many other people who are producing just as great work if not better. I’m blessed to have the supporters in my life in every respect.

So I’ve kind of gone off on a few tangents in this post, but I want to end with this thought, and sorry it’s another pop culture reference: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” – Ferris Bueller. Seriously, life does go by with a snap of a finger. Do what you love and do it well and everything will fall into place.

Until next time,


Photography by Lisa Kaucher

Bonus: outtake of me trying to be macho and a picture of the gorgeous Lisa!

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