It’s a Nice Day for a Black Wedding

My last post before getting back into school mode has been inspired by a few angles. First and foremost, my mom decided to randomly buy a 1988 Pontiac Fiero GT. To everyone’s surprise, we’re car buffs (minus my dad). An orphan car, the Fiero was only made for five years and now Pontiacs aren’t made at all. The ’88 was also the best year for the car. The car is a beaut. But I’m already starting to digress.

The “Ah-ha” moment for the shoot’s look came when I was browsing through old music videos on Youtube. Let’s see if I can get inside my train of thought: start watching Billy Idol’s “White Wedding” – see Billy Idol’s bleach blonde hair – have epiphany that I, too, have bleach blonde hair – notice he’s also in a muscle tee – realize I am the 2015 reincarnation of Billy Idol – remember I have a new-to-me 1988 Fiero GT – realize I need to do a shoot paying homage to “White Wedding” – remember I only wear mostly black – make sure the only title for this post will be “It’s a Nice Day for a Black Wedding” – start storyboarding.

Once I started storyboarding, I figured it wouldn’t be more perfect than just to stay simple, pull the car out of the garage and start shooting. I couldn’t drive it anywhere either.. seeing as my dad hasn’t gotten the car registered yet. So just like my last post, this one is also in my yard.

There’s nothing wrong with my backyard though, the photos are still pretty quality. If you can’t tell in the next photo in this series, I decided to channel some Caitlyn Jenner – Vanity Fair realness. I don’t know how well I succeeded though… at least the color scheme was kind of the same? Oh well.

There’s not much more for me to say today other than I hope you enjoy my second post (and my last one for now) from home! Now it’s time to go back to the bean for one last time and finish out this little thing we call college (or university everywhere else in the world). Until my next post where you’ll get to see a window into the less- glamorous part of my life… and maybe some sweatpants!

xx, V

Look features: American Apparel muscle tee and red leather belt, black Rag + Bone jeans, Steve Madden cheetah slip ons, and red and black Ray-Bans.


Photos by Elizabeth Weller

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