A City Boy With Country Roots

For this post, I thought I should bring it home. And like all of my jokes (and humor in general) I figured I’d get a little corny, too. Get it? I’m hilarious, I know. So let’s get one thing straight – no matter how much I love cities and naturally thrive there, I am first a foremost a country boy. Nothing will ever change the fact that I grew literally on and surrounded by farmland. My only neighbors growing up were cows and two of my fondest childhood memories are when a hot air balloon landed in my yard because of the open space and when a cow broke loose and started eating a bush outside my window.

Fast forward to when I lived in Beijing and I was the one who was instinctually leading everyone (including native New Yorkers) through the subway. I would say it was in that moment that I really was more a city person, but I can never forget my roots. With that said, I want to talk a little bit about my home and why I truly love it so much.

The main reason why I love home is the peace and quiet. My favorite thing to do when I get home at night is to stand outside of my car for a couple of minutes, look up and just gaze at the billions of stars while listening to the crickets. It’s so serene and I’m in my own heaven.

During the day, I like to take in the acres and acres of fields, farm, and yard left to my disposal. The absolute best part about the farmland is that every year the workers come and plant crops and my family and I can take whatever we want (the rest gets sold in Stop & Shops in the local area).

Right now, corn is growing in the fields. When I was really little, the crop was generally corn, too. But for a good 10 or so years, the crop would rotate through various Italian staples (eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes, peppers) and we all went crazy. The amount of stuffed peppers, zucchini flowers, sun dried tomatoes, grilled eggplant, eggplant parm, cured peppers, etc. that my mom and dad made could feed armies…. and still does years later.

Now picture this: all my old cumares and cumpares (that’s pronounced GOO-mahd/CUHM-pahd, meaning godmother/father) would come to my house with their buckets and go into the fields like they’re back in Italy and take almost half of the crop. Sucks for the Stop & Shop’s profits, great for my extended family. Plus I always got a laugh out of watching all my older family members act like my backyard were the hills of Calabria.

As much as I wish the crop this year was something that lends better to an Italian palette, the corn is still bomb af. And the corn stalks lend themselves for better photography opportunities. I don’t think me cuddling next to a zucchini or eggplant are as aesthetically pleasing tbh.

So the look pulled itself together for the best summer country-boy-at-heart Vince-only-owns-one-flannel-shirt outfit. Also, bonus, you can see me picking a mulberry from my backyard mulberry tree. That mulberry tree is my favorite thing in my entire yard and I look forward to picking the berries every year and eating them while laying in my hammock. Perfection in my Connecticut oasis.

Photos by Monica LaRosa

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