What Year Is It???

So my new favorite place this summer (and I think half of New York feels the same way) is the New Whitney Museum at the base of the High Line. Two of my friends from college were craving to go this weekend and I just so happen to get free admission + two more. Without even thinking about it, I threw together this outfit pretty quickly, but as soon as I peeped my look in the mirror, I knew I needed to show it to off.

This look kind of veers off from my traditional style, but I learned this summer that I really don’t have one particular personal style. Whenever I ask my friends to describe my style, they literally always just look at me with a blank face. They never know how to respond, but usually – when they finally find the words – they’ll admit to me that I have the personality to pull off any look I put on. Definitely a confidence boost.

The main focus of the look are my ripped jeans. As most of you know, I know how to make garments. While altering jeans to become ripped isn’t the same as building a gown, it does still take some know-how on how to work with fabrics and tools. After I got the jeans, I decided to spend my wild New York City Friday night in my apartment with the jeans, my sewing tools, and Netflix. The result were these pants. There’s still some work to be done (like tapering the bottom of the jeans to better fit my calves), but for now they’re workable and I’m in love with the result.

Even though I knew I had the most on fleek jeans in New York City, the little voice in the back of my mind was screaming that I still had to kill the rest of the game with how I wore them. So I cuffed the bottoms, threw on a muscle tank (irony not missed for lack of muscle) and added my favorite pair of Dr. Martens. Topped it off with my Ray-Ban aviators. Boom. Timewarp to when my dad had an Afro and Times Square was still a Red Light District.

The mid-century modern Standard, High Line Hotel made for the perfect backdrop for my retro look, giving life to another bygone era of the city. And distracts from all the other museum guests staring at me and laughing while I went from fellow visitor to full on model.

  So, things I learned: the Vanderbilt’s have an amazing eye for art and design, retro always works, and you can pull anything off as long as you have the confidence. Also, I need to get my roots done.

Until the next time I try to make you all stare at multiple pictures of me,

xx, V

Big thank you to Olga Echegaray and Molly Gagnon for their photography skills.

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