Legally Blonde: Platinum Edition

No, this isn’t a promo for an upcoming sequel to the classic Legally Blonde, as much as everyone would love to see that. But, like Elle Wood’s took the leap to apply to Harvard Law to win back Warner, I took the leap to channel my inner-Elle. Motive: I know blonde’s have more fun. I was blonde last Autumn, but it wasn’t the right shade. It was only a semi-fun time, I must say.This time around, I played no games. Over the course of the past week, I bleached and toned my hair more than you could possibly know – so much that my room began to smell like a beauty parlor. Now that I’ve gone platinum, maybe I’ll really see how much more fun I can have. If you like, feel free to check out my old hair in my last post, Prelude to Now.


Now that I finally have the hair that I have been striving for (sorry parents!), I knew I had to have an accompanying outfit to help showcase the new ‘do. And I needed to keep it classy. So I settled on an simple black and white outfit. White pants and tank, black blazer and loafers, and aviators. Simple. Chic.


I knew that with the drastic shift to platinum, I had to keep some things close to home. With my Italian heritage and background with learning Mandarin and spending time abroad in China, Chinatown/Little Italy were the obvious choice. I stumbled upon some of the best hidden streets in the heart of Chinatown as well as the last remaining street of Little Italy, Mulberry. The hint of grunge in the background perfectly complimented the statement I make with my look. The day overall was fabulous. And fabulously hot and humid.

Hope you enjoy!

xx, V






Photography by the fabulous Isabelle Epskamp

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