Prelude to Now

So if you know me IRL (that’s “in real life” to those of you not up with the slang), you know that I spent Fall 2014 really finding myself and finding my style. On the best days of Fall was getting lost in Beacon Hill, Boston with one of my best friends,  Isabelle Epskamp. Let me tell you, my Instagram was legit fire thanks to that day’s photo shoot. If you don’t believe, just peep my ‘gram! Or just look below! Please ignore my resting bitch face though, I can’t help it, plus I was standing in the ran on a rooftop just to get the shot.

So aside from the few fire ‘grams that I got out of that day, I was also able to get great shots and overall have just a really amazing day. Even if it was down pouring.

Just look at that smile on my face! I was really happy to skip class (sorry parents!) and have a day to dress up and have fun. And after all the running around in the freezing October rain, Isabelle and I ended up at Caffé Nero in Downtown Crossing to warm up before we headed back to campus. Needless to say, the day was a success. 

xx, V

Oh wait! I forgot to tell you who I was wearing!

Dior, Marc Jacobs, Zegna, J. Crew and American Apparel. Feel free to figure out which pieces are which. 🙂




Bonus: My fav pic of Isabelle from the shoot that she supposedly hates, but TBH I love it. And I know you will, too.


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