So Much in SoHo

Okay, so for my first real post (not just pictures from my Instagram) I want to get a little personal. One of my best friends, Isabelle, and I planned to do a minimalistic shoot on Friday, June 26th, 2015. If you’re wondering why I’m stressing the date, it’s because it was literally the perfect day – not a single bad thing could happen and so much good did.

The day started with me picking out my outfit for the shoot. I decided to center my look around my new Calvin Klein Jeans t-shirt from the SS15 collection. I met up with Isabelle and we got our morning coffee, I got a haircut, and Isabelle picked up a stunning bouquet of roses. I even stumbled upon the latest issue of Vogue Italia which happened to be The China Issue, pure bliss!


As we were walking around in Little Italy, I checked a notification on Facebook. I had a notification from my little sister Rachela that read, “Congrats to the gay community and especially my brother on finally being able to love openly and freely (even though it shouldn’t have been illegal in the first place)” with a link to SCOTUS ruling same sex marriage was legalized in the United States. I literally stopped on the corner of Mott and Mulberry and starting crying. I felt so loved and fulfilled and genuinely, amazingly happy.


The rest of the day continued to be just as fabulous and I really hope that reads in the photos. It’s going to be really hard to top June 26, 2015, but I’m sure even brighter days are going to come soon. And I’ve definitely learned that nothing can stop progress as long as you strive to stay happy and stay loving.

Love to all of you beautiful, beautiful people.

xx, Vwhite1IMG_0731white6

And here’s the Instagram that sums up my emotions of June 26:

Photos by Vincenzo Calvi and Isabelle Epskamp.

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